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Wortham & Burgate Twinning

Wortham and Burgate Twinning Association

Twinned with Hede-Bazouges in Brittany France

What is ‘Twinning’?

We are a membership organisation, which aims to promote international understanding and friendships and a wider appreciation of France.

What does the Twinning do?

In support of our aims, we organise regular visits to Hede and host regular visits from Hede to us. We actively encourage young people to become involved; promote links between appropriate schools, clubs and other relevant organisations; facilitate French language learning where possible; organise a range of social events that both raise funds and ensure that members can meet each other.

Social activities

We try to cover a range of activities so that everyone can get involved. These have included a ceilidh, a garden party, a gourmet supper, a jazz night, wine tasting and an antiques evening.


There is a visit each year   - one year Wortham to Hede and the next Hede to Wortham. Each visit is usually for a long weekend (3 or 4 nights) and allows time to be spent with host families as well as group activities and outings.   Activities when a French group have been here have included days out in Cambridge, Norwich and Bury St Edmunds and less formal shared meals, trips to the seaside or the pub. The weekend usually ends with a meal at the Village Hall.

Although not everyone is able to host visitors or goes on the visits to France, everyone can join in these social activities.

Visits to Hede are lively affairs and the opportunity to stay with a French family is not to be missed. They also organise a mix of outings as well as time with the host families.

In order to make it possible for families to go to France without costs becoming too high, the Twinning aims to subsidise the cost of travel for children under the age of 16.

Twinning Myths !

I have to be able to speak French to take part?

Not True!   We have members who can speak good French, some who can just about order a glass of wine and some who speak no French at all. All that matters is that you want to communicate — sign language can work wonders !

I must have someone to stay when the French visit Wortham ?

No, this isn’t the case!   There are all sorts of ways you can be involved in the Twinning. If you visit Hede as part of the Twinning group, you don’t have to host visitors here. We welcome people being able to reciprocate hospitality but recognise that this isn’t always possible.

The Twinning Association is only for families with children?

The membership covers a wide range of family situations. Single people, couples with no children, families with young children or teenagers or those who have grown up and left home.    

Come and join us — there is something for everyone !

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